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Our People

The vision here is really about creating healthier communities and healthier cities across Asia-Pacific. That's something that we feel , as we scale-up our platform, we'll be able to create a culture, in every city, that focuses on a healthier lifestyle.

Joel Neoh


We all operate as a team. It's where everybody is playing at their best. There's a group of people playing together, all of them winning together as a team.

Audra Pakalnyte

Head of Product and People

We work with people who are self-organized, people who know what they are doing. You're not really waiting for things to happen, you're actually the one that keeps running forwards.

Arzumy MD

Chief Technology Officer

Job Opportunities

Android InternshipInternshipKuala Lumpur
Business Development InternInternJakarta
Business Development Manager (JAKARTA)Full-timeJakarta
CRM ManagerFull-timeJakarta
Customer Happiness InternInternJakarta
Fave PromoterPart-timeKuala Lumpur
Mobile Developer (Android/IOS)Full-timeKuala Lumpur
Offline Marketing Activation SpecialistFull-timeKuala Lumpur
Partner Management InternInternJakarta
Performance Marketing ExecutiveFull-timeKuala Lumpur
QA InternshipInternshipKuala Lumpur
Quality Assurance Engineer (Kuala Lumpur)Full-timeKuala Lumpur
Sales ExecutiveFull-timeKuala Lumpur
Software Engineer (Ruby on Rails)Full-timeKuala Lumpur
Software Engineering InternshipInternKuala Lumpur
Startup InternshipInternshipKuala Lumpur
Support EngineerFull-timeKuala Lumpur